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By Mrs. Melba Hawkins

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Henry Louis Morgan was born on December 3, 1881, the fourth child and third son of a family of six boys and one girl. His father was Malachi L. Morgan (b. March 24, 1852-d. June 11, 1906), who was born, lived, died, and is buried in East Texas. His mother was Mary West Morgan (b. December 27, 1854-d. July 22, 1905), who, like her husband, was born and lived out her life in East Texas.

Henry Louis Morgan married Maggie Eliza Bostick on April 10, 1910. She was born on October 22, 1890, the daughter of Christopher W. Bostick (b. May 5, 1857-d. January 25, 1933) and Margaret Emily Jones Bostick (b. May 9, 1862-d. February 4, 1927). Maggie Morgan was the third child and second daughter of the seven children born to her parents. Christopher and Margaret Bostick are both buried in Silsbee, Texas.

Henry and Maggie Morgan lived during the early years of their married life in a number of sawmill towns in Jasper County, including Magnolia Springs and Call, Texas, where one of the huge Kirby Lumber Company mills (formerly Cow Creek Lumber Company) was located. While their three oldest daughters were still quite young, the family moved in 1923 to their new home in Nederland, Texas, at what was then 225 Port Arthur Avenue. The former H. L. Morgan home still stands at 720 Fifteenth Street.

Henry Morgan went to work at Magnolia Petroleum Company (now Mobil Oil) refinery in Beaumont, where he was employed for more than twenty years until his retirement in 1946. On several occasions, he had to walk to and from work, a distance of eight or nine miles. Henry Morgan was a devoted father and husband, a friendly neighbor, and an avid gardner during the years that he lived in Nederland.

Daphna L. Morgan, the oldest daughter, was born in Call, Texas, and moved to Nederland with her parents in 1923. She graduated from Nederland High School in 1930, and in 1932, she married E. J. Woods of Beaumont. They became the parents of two daughters and now have six grandchildren and nine great grandchildlren. They are retired and live at Dam B.

Melba A. Morgan, the second daughter, was born in Magnolia Springs, Texas, moved to Nederland with her parents, and graduated from Nederland High School in 1935. She worked for Bedford F. Pace, M. D., and Burnett H. Hall, D. D. S., between 1940 and 1945. She married Raymond Hawkins, also of Nederland, on March 4, 1945, and since their marriage, they have continued to make their home in Nederland. They are the parents of two sons and two grandsons. Melba Morgan Hawkins still has fond recollections of going to the old J. H. McNeill grocery at 1154 Boston Avenue with her father to pay the grocery bill on payday, and of receiving a generous bag of candy as a gift, or lagniappe as the French would call it.

Seawillow M. Morgan, the third daughter, was born in Call, Texas, and came to Nederland with her parents. She graduated from Nederland High School in 1937, and in 1940 she married Alvin Roddy of Beaumont. Her husband died in 1978, after which she married Gordon Carrell of Beaumont on November 22, 1986. They still reside in Beaumont. Seawillow Carrell is the mother of one son and one daughter. She also has three grand sons and three grand daughters.

Emogene Morgan was born in Nederland, Texas, the first of the two Morgan children born in Nederland. She graduated from Nederland High School in 1943 and in 1947, she married H. L. Anderson of Beaumont. He passed away in 1979. Emogene Anderson now lives in Port Neches, Texas. She is the mother of two daughters and one son. She is also the grandmother of two grand daughters and one grand son.

Henry Maurice Morgan, the youngest of the family and only son, was born in Nederland in 1930 and graduated from Nederland High School in 1948. On November 15, 1980, he married Fay Choate. Maurice Morgan for about forty years has taught and continues to teach music and piano and has served as church pianist or organist for various churches. He and his wife still reside in Nederland.

After enjoying some twenty years of retirement, Henry Louis Morgan died in 1966, at age 84, and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Beaumont. Maggie Morgan passed away on May 9, 1984, at age 93, and is buried beside her husband. They are still fondly recalled and sorely missed by their five children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and a host of friends whose lives they touched.

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