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Isaac Ryan
Rev. John August Tubbe
David Choate, Jr.
James B. Likens
Lewis S. Owings
Thomas Deye Owings
Samuel P. Henry
Dr. Arrel Pye
Skull Island
Black Cat
Bear Hunters
Big Cat
Confederate flag
Slave Trade
Texas Germanic Heritage
Creative Writing
William A. Fletcher
Wild Family
Early Newspapers
Bolivar Peninsula
A Killer's Trail of Thread
Slave Lucy
Opelousas Trail
Southwest Louisiana
Black Panthers
German Pilgrims

Miscellaneous Articles

bulletIsaac Ryan: Lake Charles is Proud of Its Alamo Hero
bulletRev. John August Tubbe: An Immigrant Farmer, Sawmiller, and Preacher
bulletDavid Choate, Jr.: A San Jacinto Veteran
bulletJames B. Likens: Pioneer East Texas Lawyer and Military Hero
bulletDr. Lewis S. Owings: A Brief Biography
bulletThomas Deye Owings of Maryland, Kentucky, and Texas: Frontier Iron-Smelterer and Military Hero
bulletSamuel P. Henry: “Father of Cameron Parish”
bulletDr. Arrel Pye: A Texas Medical Hero
bulletPradelles: Albert Gallatin Van Pradelles: Cotton Merchant of Wallisville, Texas
bulletBrothers: Two Brothers and a Brother-In-Law in East Texas
bulletSailboats: Early River Boats of Southwest Louisiana
bulletJaguar: Was the “Black Panther” Actually a Jaguar?
bulletSkull Island on Mermentau River: A Slave Ship’s Inhumanity
bulletBlack Cat: Black Panthers: Did Such an Animal Ever Exist?
bulletBear Hunters: The old bear hunters of Hardin County had two things in common...
bulletBoundary: Texas state border relocated east during survey
bulletImmigrants: Why don’t we commemorate brave masses of immigrants?
bulletShooting death of lumberman still a mystery
bulletBig Cat: Big cat stories in East Texas are numerous but lack proof
bulletE-mail from reader regarding big cats.
bulletConfederate flag remains symbol of hate to many today
bulletSlave Trade: Pirate Lafitte, Bowie dealt in slave trade via SE Texas
bulletWhale gave Port Arthur’s economy boom in early 1900’s
bulletTexas Germanic Heritage: Some Notes
bulletCreative Writing Just for the Hell of It!
bulletWilliam A. Fletcher: For East Texas Historical Journal--A Review by W. T. Block
bulletWild Family: The Tale of Hardin County's Wild Family
bulletEarly Newspapers: Early Southeast Newspapers: History of Yesteryear Recorded in Their Yellowed Pages
bulletBolivar Peninsula: Scene of Slaving, Smuggling, Filibustering and Farms
bulletA Killer's Trail of Thread: Some Alamo Heroes Fought Twice for Texas
bulletSlave Lucy: Myth of Texas Executions Debunked: Slave Lucy was First Woman to Die
bulletThe 'Opelousas Trail:' Bellowing Cows Marked First Trail to New Orleans
bulletSouthwest Louisiana History Found in Beaumont Enterprise
bulletStuart: Hamilton and Benjamin Chambers Stuart: A Century of Distinguished East Texas Journalism and History
bulletThe Black Panthers of the Louisiana-Texas Borderlands: Are They Extinct?
bulletGerman Pilgrims: The Story of Our Texas' German Pilgrims: or Death March to Comal County

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