Civil War
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Robert B. Russell
Benjamin Johnson
Col. W. H. Griffin
CSS Josiah H. Bell
Nicaragua Smith
Bill Doran
Hard Times
James Taylor
Confederate Hero
Company B
H. N. Connor
Sabine Pass
Uncle Ben
Paul Revere
George O'Brien
Fort Griffin
Fort Grigsby
Jefferson County
Calcasieu Victory
Calcasieu Pass
Calcasieu Parish
Calcasieu Raid
Great Grandpa

Articles About the Civil War

Note that there are more articles about the Civil War under other topics such as "Sabine Pass."

bulletRobert B. Russell: A Veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto
bulletBenjamin Johnson: Veteran of Battle of San Jacinto
bulletCol. W. H. Griffin: A Texas Confederate Commander
bulletCSS Josiah H. Bell: Requiem for a Confederate Gunboat
bulletNicaragua Smith: Ghost of Nicaragua Smith Still Haunts Graveyard
bulletBill Doran: Texas’ First War Correspondent
bulletHard Times: Area Civil War period marked by hard times
bulletBlockade runs at Sabine Pass commonplace in Civil War
bulletJames Taylor: Area resident rallied behind Union cause
bulletConfederate Hero: Fate intervened in Confederate hero’s search for black gold
bulletJayhawkers: Some Notes On The Civil War Jayhawkers Of Confederate Louisiana
bulletCompany B: Versatility Was Proud Boast of Area Civil War Outfit
bulletSgt. H. N. Connor: A Sabine Saddle Soldier's Civil War Exploits
bulletDiary of H. N. Connor
bulletSabine Pass: New chapter in Sabine Pass history written
bulletSpaight 11th Battalion, Texas Volunteers, Confederate States Army
bulletUncle Ben The Cottonclad Gunboat "Uncle Ben:" Cotton Carrying Workhorse of the Sabine
bulletPolecat "Prince Polecat:" A Sketch of General Camille Armand de Polignac at the Battle of Mansfield, Louisiana
bulletPaul Revere Rebel "Paul Revere" Traveled 1,000 Miles to Warn of Invasion
bulletGeorge O'Brien Capt. George W. O'Brien: A Torchbearer of Our Texas Civilization
bulletKellersberger The Ghostly-Silent Guns of Galveston: A Chronicle of Colonel J. G. Kellersberger, Confederate Chief Engineer of East Texas
bulletFort Griffin Myths of Sabine Pass' Fort Griffin Exploded: Shrine of Irish Confederate Heroes
bulletFort Grigsby: Where was Fort Grigsby? Historian may have answer.
bulletEngineer Col. Julius G. Kellersberger: Swiss Engineer Built Texas' Confederate Defenses
bulletJefferson County Civil War Comes to Jefferson County, Texas: The Road to Gettysburg; 1861 to 1863
bulletCalcasieu Victory: Calcasieu Pass Victory, Heroism ‘Equal Dowling’s
bulletCalcasieu Pass The Battle of Calcasieu Pass, Louisiana
bulletCalcasieu Parish, LA: Hotbet of the Civil War Jayhawkers
bulletCalcasieu Raid Singeing General Taylor's Beard: Lieutenant Frederick Crocker's Daring Calcasieu Raid
bulletGreat Granpa Wasn't Popular in the South

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