Pirate Stories
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Pavell's Island
Jean Baptiste
James Campbell
Charlie Cronea
Ben Dollivar
John Fletcher
Jean Lafitte
Calcasieu Parish
John McGaffey
Yocum's Inn
Seth Carey

Pirate Stories

bulletLafitteís men captured our imagination for many years
bulletTreasure: Treasure tale keyed digging in East Texas Piney Woods
bulletPavell's Island: Shellbank, Louisiana: The Legend of Pavell's Island
bulletJean Baptiste: A Tale of Jean Baptiste's Brass Cannon
bulletJames Campbell: A Buccaneer Family in Spanish East Texas
bulletCharlie Cronea: "Uncle Charlie" Cronea: The Last of Lafitte's Pirates
bulletBen Dollivar: "Crazy Ben" Dollivar's Secret Gold Cache
bulletJohn Fletcher: The Legend of John Fletcher's Buried Treasure
bulletHotspur: The Last Voyage of the Hotspur
bulletJean Lafitte: The Legacy of Jean Lafitte in Southwest Louisiana
bulletCalcasieu Parish: Two Treasure Sites of Imperial Calcasieu Parish
bulletJohn McGaffey: The Legend of John McGaffey's Gold
bulletYocum's Inn: The Devil's Own Lodging House
bulletSeth Carey's Escape from the Murderous Yocum Gang

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