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Newspaper Articles

bulletArticles of the 1970's
bullet"New Chapter In History of Sabine Pass Written" Port Arthur News, August 2, 1970.
bullet"Legend of Two Old Cannons" Port Arthur News, August 29, 1970.
bullet"Versatility Was Proud Boast of Area Civil War Outfit," Port Arthur News, October 11, 1970.
bullet"Where Was Fort Grigsby?" Midcounty Chronicle, November 23, 1970.
bullet"Calcasieu Pass Victory, Heroism Equal Dowling’s," Port Arthur News January 3, 1971.
bullet"Fort Griffin Myths Exploded," Port Arthur News, January 24, 1971.
bullet"Some Early Doctors," Port Arthur News, serialized June 20, 21, 22, 23, 1972.
bullet"K. D. Keith, Confederate Hero of Sabine Pass," Port Arthur News, January 2, 1974, p.16.
bullet"Area’s Role in Texas Revolution," Beaumont Enterprise, March 30, 1974 p. 7a.
bullet"Sabine Lake Focal Point of African Slave Trade," Beaumont Enterprise, April 4, 1974, p 4b.
bullet"Scrappy Kate Dorman Left Her Mark," Beaumont Enterprise, August 18, 1974.
bullet"The Cottonclad Gunboat Uncle BenUncle Ben" Beaumont Enterprise, October 24, 1974.
bullet"When Southeast Texas Mail Had Four Feet," Beaumont Enterprise, August 17, 1975.
bullet"First Sqt. H. N. Connor, Sabine Pass’ Confederate Diarist," Beaumont Enterprise, August 22, 1976, p 4d.
bullet"Swiss Engineer Built Sabine’s Defenses," Beaumont Enterprise, October 4, 1976, p. 2a.
bullet"Day of Agony at Sabine Pass," Beaumont Enterprise, January 9, 1977, p. 9d.
bullet"Battle of Calcasieu Pass, Louisiana," Beaumont Enterprise, May 6, 1977, p. 1d.
bullet"The First Historian of Beaumont," Beaumont Enterprise, May 27, 1977, p. 11c.
bullet"Indian Homeland in Old Port Neches" Beaumont Enterprise, June 30, 1977, p. 4d.
bullet"Sabine Lighthouse Withstood Hurricanes," Beaumont Enterprise, July 3, 1977, p. 6a.
bullet"McKinney Was Neches River Cotton Merchant," Beaumont Enterprise, July 5, 1977, p 7a.
bullet"Escape From Murderous Yocum Gang," Beaumont Enterprise, December 25, 1977, p. 9g.
bullet"Early Newspapers Tell Area’s History," Beaumont Enterprise, January 1, 1978, p. 10a.
bullet"Woman Defended Lafitte," Beaumont Enterprise, January 22, 1978, p. 3d.
bullet"Killer Hurricanes Still Haunt Coast" Beaumont Enterprise, February 19, 1978, p. 3d.
bullet"When Moby Dick Came To Port Arthur: 200,000 Saw Whale," Beaumont Enterprise, February 21, 1978.
bullet"Lafitte Legends in Calcasieu Parish" Beaumont Enterprise, April 16, 1978, p. 11ff.
bullet"Orange’s Hanging Tree," Beaumont Enterprise, May 30, 1978, p. 3a.
bullet"Crazy Ben Dollivar’s Odd Cache," Beaumont Enterprise, July 5, 1978, p. 2a.
bullet"Mystery of Eliza Pavel’s Grave," Beaumont Enterprise, August 24, 1978, p. 2b.
bullet"Beaumont Became City Before Oil," Beaumont Enterprise, September 3, 1978, p. 12f.
bullet"Myth of Texas Executions Debunked," Beaumont Enterprise, September 13,1978, p. 9c.
bullet"Beaumont’s Marble Corpse," Beaumont Enterprise September 24, 1978, p. 7a.
bullet"Rails Gave Life to Sawmill Towns," Beaumont Enterprise, November 24, 1978.
bullet"The Neches River Cotton Steamboats: A Romantic Interlude," Beaumont Enterprise, November 26, 1978, p. 13e.
bullet"Dreamers Quest For East Texas Oil," Beaumont Enterprise, December 27, 1978, p. 2a.
bullet"Fletcher’s Buried Treasure" Beaumont Enterprise, January 2, 1979, p. 3a.
bullet"Ice Skaters Glided on Sabine Lake," Beaumont Enterprise, January 21, 1979, p 9a.
bullet"The Night That Johnson's Bayou, LA Died," Beaumont Enterprise, October 10, 1979, p. 4b.
bulletArticles written in the 1980's
bullet"July 4, 1896 The Date Beaumont’s Patriotism Returned," Beaumont Enterprise, July 4, 1980.
bullet"Early Southeast Texas "Docs" Were Medical Men of Iron" Beaumont Enterprise, November 9, 1980, p. 4g..
bullet"A History of Nederland’s Beginning," Beaumont Enterprise, November 9, 1980, p. 11b.
bullet"Tulips Amid The Bluebonnets: The Birth of Nederland Texas," Beaumont Enterprise, November 9, 1980, p. 11b.
bullet"D. R. Wingate Did Not Know Defeat," Beaumont Enterprise, November 9, 1980, p. 11g.
bullet"Early Schools of Beaumont," Beaumont Enterprise, November 9, 1980, p. 2b.
bullet"G. W. O’Brien, Torchbearer of East Texas.," Beaumont Enterprise, November 9, 1980, p 11c.
bullet"Henry Lutcher, Architect of Orange, Texas" Beaumont Enterprise November 9, 1980, p. 6c.
bullet"Lumber Was Beaumont Godparent," Beaumont Enterprise, November 9, 1980, p. 7c.
bullet"The 1880’s Saw Beaumont Prosper," Beaumont Enterprise, November 9, 1980, p. 10c.
bullet"Wiess Brothers, Timber Barons," Beaumont Enterprise, November 9, 1980, p. 9c.
bulletThere are 26 articles by W. T. Block in the historical issue of Beaumont Enterprise for February 5, 1984, on microfilm in Lamar and Tyrrell libraries.
bullet"The Mounds of Port Neches’ Vanished Civilization," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 4aa.
bullet"Frontier Wife’s Life With The Buccaneers" Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 5aa.
bullet"Uncle Charley’s Pirate Legacy," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 6aa.
bullet"Jasper County Creek Bed Home of Treasure," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 9aa.
bullet"Jean Lafitte Haunts Southwest Louisiana," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 5aa.
bullet"Bolivar Peninsula Scene of Slaving, Smuggling, Filibustering, and Watermelon Farms," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 1cc.
bullet"The Reborn Confederate Cannons," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p 1cc.
bullet"News of Attack at Sabine Pass," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 2cc.
bullet"Sabine Lake Haven For Slave Trading," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 10a.
bullet"Blockade Runners Had Bag of Tricks," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 6cc.
bullet"Chris Hillebrand, Legendary Hero," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p 11bb.
bullet"Joe Chasteen, Sabine’s Walking History Book," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 7cc.
bullet"Southeast Texans Left to Fight Mexico" Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p lbb.
bullet"Mail Carriers Braved Wilderness," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p 3dd.
bullet"The Gunboat Dan Terrorized Coastline" Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 1cc.
bullet"Crazy Ben Dollivar Had Everything," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p 8aa.
bullet"Wild Family Roamed Woods," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 11b.
bullet"Spanish Booty Uncovered," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 7dd.
bullet"Orange, Texas Retired its Hanging Tree" Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. l2cc.
bullet"Spindletop Prophet Vindicated," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 9dd.
bullet"Capt. Geo. W. O’Brien Saw Beaumont Grow," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 4dd.
bullet"The ‘Oil Pond’ Off Sabine Pass," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 9dd.
bullet"Beaumont’s Robert Kidd Lived 116 Years," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5,1984, p. 10dd.
bullet"Beaumont’s Patriotism Rose," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984, p. 11d.
bullet"The Spanish in Jefferson County: From Explorers to Filibusterers," Beaumont Enterprise, February 5, 1984.
bulletArticles written in the 1990's
bullet"The Conroe, Byspot and Northern: A Tram Railroad That Time Forgot," in Crosscut (publication of Texas Forestry Museum Lufkin), 4th Quarter, 1996, pp. 1-2.
bullet"Seth Carey and The Big Thicket Yocum Gang," in Big Thicket Magazine, Sept., 1995, pp. 13-16.
bullet"Local Man Values Feathered Friend," Beaumont Enterprise, September 13, 1996.
bullet"Stuart Left Journalistic Legacy" Beaumont Enterprise April 21, 1997.
bullet"Great-Grandpa Wasn't Popular in the South," Beaumont Enterprise, September 28, 1998, pg. 6A.
bullet"Depression was depressing, except brother's paddling," Beaumont Enterprise, October 17, 1998.
bullet"The Legend of the Headless Yankee Cannoneer of Sabine Pass," MidCounty Chronicle, Wednesday, October 28, 1998.
bullet"Pranks rule 'olden days' celebrations of Halloween," Beaumont Enterprise, October 31, 1998.
bullet"Bootlegging brother's joy short-lived," Beaumont Enterprise, November 14, 1998.
bullet"Dad's wisdom sure paid off for my future," Beaumont Enterprise, November 28, 1998.
bullet"Flight from ghosts helps stomp some berry juice," Beaumont Enterprise, December 5, 1998.
bullet"Legend of Shellbank," The Cameron Pilot, December 10, 1998, p. 4.
bullet"Entertainment in Beaumont has news roots," Beaumont Enterprise, December 12, 1998.
bullet"Sorry, Sarge, you’ll have to take my heart," Beaumont Enterprise, December 19, 1998.
bullet"Celebrations of Christmas in Beaumont change little," Beaumont Enterprise, December 23, 1998.
bullet"Bringing joy to the needy in Depression was fulfilling," Beaumont Enterprise, December 26, 1998.
bullet"Demise of Reptilian ‘Big Tooth’ drew crowds," Beaumont Enterprise, January 2, 1999.
bullet"Spindle Top once isolated plague victims," Beaumont Enterprise, January 9, 1999, p. 10A.
bullet"Prank led to empty sleeve," Beaumont Enterprise, January 10, 1999.
bullet"Runaway slave achieved fame in early Texas," Beaumont Enterprise, January 18, 1999.
bullet"Foxy advice on gambling serves well," Beaumont Enterprise, January 23, 1999.
bullet"Real cold war occurred here during 1890s," Beaumont Enterprise, January 30, 1999.
bullet"Strange case about corpse still unsolved," Beaumont Enterprise, February 6, 1999.
bullet"Dairy farm’s end stopped wonder bra for milk cows," Beaumont Enterprise, February 13, 1999.
bullet"Emancipated men gave city so very much in early years," Beaumont Enterprise, February 20, 1999.
bullet"Confederate flag remains symbol of hate to many today," Beaumont Enterprise, February 27, 1999.
bullet"Whale gave Port Arthur’s economy boom in early 1900’s" Beaumont Enterprise, March 6, 1999.
bullet"Beaumont had two pioneers who aged well," Beaumont Enterprise, March 13, 1999.
bullet"Hurricanes decimated Nederland ‘city tree’," Beaumont Enterprise, March 20, 1999.
bullet"Area's greatest archeological site was ruined," Beaumont Enterprise, May 1, 1999.
bullet"Pre-boom Spindletop gave hints of its riches," Beaumont Enterprise, May 8, 1999.
bullet"Treasure tale keyed digging in East Texas Piney Woods," Beaumont Enterprise, May 15, 1999.
bullet"Pirate Lafitte, Bowie dealt in slave trade via SE Texas," Beaumont Enterprise, May 22, 1999.
bullet"Rice Still Dominates Jefferson County Agriculture," Beaumont Enterprise, May 29, 1999.
bullet"Olive, Texas is now a ghost town," Beaumont Enterprise, June 12, 1999.
bullet"Mud, cow led to sale of refinery acreage," Beaumont Enterprise, June 19, 1999.
bullet"Lucas gusher fever affected so many folks, far and wide," Beaumont Enterprise, June 26, 1999.
bullet"Change came to Port Neches via relocation of post office," Beaumont Enterprise, July 3, 1999.
bullet"Big cat stories in East Texas are numerous but lack proof," Beaumont Enterprise, July 10, 1999.
bullet"Strong Spell swam river ferrying lead steer of herd," Beaumont Enterprise, July 17, 1999.
bullet"Sweeneys were among first settlers of Grand Chenier," Cameron Parish Pilot, July 22, 1999
bullet"U. S., Republic of Texas once nearly clashed because of fees," Beaumont Enterprise, July 24, 1999.
bullet"Fate intervened in Confederate hero’s search for black gold," Beaumont Enterprise, July 31, 1999.
bullet"Yellow fever plagued area during 1860s," Beaumont Enterprise, August 7, 1999.
bullet"Schools in Beaumont trace to pre-Civil War," Beaumont Enterprise, August 8, 1999.
bullet"Area resident rallied behind Union cause," Beaumont Enterprise, August 14, 1999.
bullet"Sawmill town Bessmay gave its life to fire," Beaumont Enterprise, August 21, 1999.
bullet"No man is an island unless hunted skunk launches scent," Beaumont Enterprise, August 26, 1999.
bullet"Pioneer music in Beaumont contained lots of brass horns," Beaumont Enterprise, August 28, 1999.
bullet"Blockade runs at Sabine Pass commonplace in Civil War," Beaumont Enterprise, September 4, 1999.
bullet"My dad and I once got stuck in Suckersville," Beaumont Enterprise, September 11, 1999.
bullet"Temple made mark on lumber industry," Beaumont Enterprise, September 15, 1999.
bullet"Lafitte's men captured our imagination for many years," Beaumont Enterprise, September 18, 1999.
bullet"Former slave's death in 1889 attracted rare news coverage," Beaumont Enterprise, September 25, 1999.
bullet"Shooting death of lumberman still a mystery," Beaumont Enterprise, October 2 , 1999.
bullet"Two area cities in late 1800s fought major fires together," Beaumont Enterprise, October 9, 1999.
bullet"Why don't we commemorate brave masses of immigrants," Beaumont Enterprise, October 16, 1999.
bullet"Area Civil War period marked by hard times," Beaumont Enterprise, October 30, 1999.
bullet"Area's history of bootlegging soared during Prohibition," Beaumont Enterprise, November 6 , 1999.
bullet"A soldier's story," Beaumont Enterprise, November 7, 1999.
bullet"There's a story on lone grave near Texas 347," Beaumont Enterprise, November 13, 1999.
bullet"Stagecoach travel once big in area," Beaumont Enterprise, November 20, 1999.
bullet"Rainbow Bridge 1938 opening brought an end to area ferries," Beaumont Enterprise, November 27, 1999.
bullet"Turpentiners worked hard for product," Beaumont Enterprise, December 4, 1999.
bullet"Veteran recalls 'longest mile' across famous Rhine bridge," Beaumont Enterprise, December 8, 1999.
bullet"Rich muskrat trapper sure had priorities in right order," Beaumont Enterprise, December 18, 1999.
bulletArticles written in the 2000's
bullet"Woodworking industries key 1880s growth for Beaumont," Beaumont Enterprise, January 1, 2000.
bullet"Oil industry in East Texas traces roots back to 1860s," Beaumont Enterprise, January 8, 2000.
bullet"Few believed in Higgins' Spindle Top aspirations," Beaumont Enterprise, January 10, 2000.
bullet"Grave gives big secret up during move by merchant," Beaumont Enterprise, January 15, 2000.
bullet"State border relocated east during survey," Beaumont Enterprise, January 22, 2000.
bullet"Sawmill town Aldridge had sad history," Beaumont Enterprise, January 29, 2000.
bullet"Mill manager paid big price by dismissing ‘untouchable’," Beaumont Enterprise, February 12, 2000.
bulletOther articles
bullet"The Battle of Calcasieu Pass, Louisiana "in Block, Frontier Tales of The Texas-Louisiana Borderlands, pp. 110-119, in Lamar and Tyrrell libraries.
bullet"Singeing Gen. Taylor’s Beard: Lt. Frederick Crocker’s Daring Calcasieu River Raid," in Block, Frontier Tales of The Texas-Louisiana Borderlands, pp. 105-109.
bullet"Calcasieu Parish’s Jayhawkers: A Confederate Crown of Thorns," in Block, Frontier Tales of The Texas-Louisiana Borderlands, pp. 99-104, in Lamar and Tyrrell libraries.
bullet"The Skirmish at Sabine Lighthouse: Gray Stone Sentinel of The Swamps," published first in Beaumont Enterprise, date unknown, reprinted in Block, Frontier Tales of The Texas-Louisiana Borderlands, pp. 125-128.
bullet"The ‘Opelousas Trail:’ Bellowing Cattle Marked Trail to New Orleans," Beaumont Enterprise, about 1975, exact date unknown also in Block, Frontier Tales of The Texas-Louisiana Borderlands, MSS, pp. 153-158, in Lamar and Tyrrell libraries.
bullet"A Brief History of Pioneer Entertainment in Beaumont," in Block, Frontier Tales of The Texas-Louisiana Borderlands (MSS, Nederland: 1988 in Lamar and Tyrrell Library), pp. 210-219.

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