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bullet"Crazy Ben Dollivar’s Secret Gold Cache," True West (Western Publications, Stilwater, OK.), May, 1990, pp. 26-29.
bullet"Yocum’s Inn: The Devil’s Own Lodging House," Frontier Times (Western Publications, Austin, TX), January 1978 pp. 10ff.
bullet"The Legend of John McGaffey’s Gold," Old West (Western Publications, Austin), Winter, 1977, pp. 10ff.
bullet"Legacy of Jean Lafitte In The Neutral Strip," True West (Western Publications, Austin), December, 1979, pp. 26ff.
bullet"The Last of Lafitte’s Pirates," Frontier Times (Western Publications, Austin), June, 1977, pp. 17ff.
bullet"Killers’ Trail of Thread," True West (Western Publications, Austin), June, 1978, pp. 18ff.
bullet"Historical Notes on Jefferson County," Blue-Gray Magazine, August, 1986, pp. 7ff.
bullet"Legendary Treasure of Pavell’s Island," True West (Western Publications, Austin), December, 1978, pp. 26ff.
bullet"Meanest Town on The Coast," Old West (Western Publications, Austin), Winter, 1979, pp. 10ff.

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