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Username: Billie Blackstock
UserEmail: bblackstock austin.rr.com
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Date: 26 Aug 2009
Time: 12:50:03


In the article written about Thomas F. McKinney living near Austin on the Oyster creek that should be Onion Creek. It is a park now called McKinney Falls park owned by the state two creeks come together on this property they are Williamson and Onion Creek.

Editor: Billie, your changes were noted and added to the web page.  Thanks for the feedback.

Username: Jerry Lee Fletcher
UserEmail: jfletc5254 aol.com
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Date: 13 Oct 2009
Time: 22:03:11


My name is Jerry Lee Fletcher
I am building an n-scale railroad era 1940 to 1950 of Nederland.
what I need is some info on the old Nederland high school to build to scale I need footage.
Thank You
Jerry L Fletcher

Editor: Jerry, I do not have any photographs of the old high school, but there are some in the Nederland Centennial History published by Cate Media, the Nederland Chamber of Commerce, and the Nederland Historical Society.

Username: Maria Davis
UserEmail: cayresort aol.com
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Date: 20 Oct 2009
Time: 11:00:05


Have you ever heard of a saw mill in Lanana, TX. I found a token on my property from Lanan, TX...also there is an old foundation that I was told was for an old saw mill...just wondering if anyone knew anything about this?
Thank you,
Maria Davis

Username: Amy Prowse
UserEmail: prowsehouse yahoo.com
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Date: 21 Oct 2009
Time: 18:11:45


Wow! What a wonderfully written history of my family. If you would like, my mom & I can fill in more of the story. My 12 yr old daughter is the one who found this on the internet. I will share it with the rest of my family. I am sorry to hear Mr. Block passed away.

Amy Bernard Prowse (Gerka's grand daughter)

Username: Peter Wingate
UserEmail: peterwingate yahoo.com
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Date: 22 Oct 2009
Time: 10:07:19


I wish I had had the opportunity to meet Mr. Block before he died. So many people from our area are grateful for the years of research and writing that he had done. As we continue our own research on the D. R. Wingate family, we look to Mr. Block's work as a valuable resource.

Username: george klein
UserEmail: george infoasis.com
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Date: 24 Oct 2009
Time: 14:48:16


Just found your articles to day very fun ! Got a nostalgia bug for the old days .

And one of my favorite something new of a couple years back has been Neal Adams Sciences Project ( not to popular with Geologist ) But it fits and old Pangaea does not fit . If you take the globe slide the continents together like the Pangaea Geologist did , you would find that it does not fit all that well and that they fudged and filled in to make it look like it works . Not to mention there being no reason or engine of locomotion, that could of made the continents sail across the globe to this day's locations . But the truth leave big puzzles also . Thanks Good Work that you have done Sir, the best I have seen of Historical telling ! gk

Username: Peggie Lovon Barfield
UserEmail: jesse406 juno.com
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Date: 29 Oct 2009
Time: 08:10:01


I would like to contact the persons who are researching the Moye family.

Username: Sarah Fuqua Rothermel Duncan
UserEmail: sarafrd hotmail.com
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Date: 31 Oct 2009
Time: 11:28:13


The Beaumont Enterprise is not correct. My grandfather's name was William Yancey Fuqua, chief accountant for Kirby Lumber Company, and yes, Mr. Kirby did name the town for him. I would like to visit Fuqua, Texas, one day soon.



Username: Bob Stothart
UserEmail: bobdc6 mac.com
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Date: 22 Nov 2009
Time: 19:55:07


There was a black panther sighting circa 1958-59 in Beaumont at a sand pit off Lucas drive east of Old Voth Road. A local radio personality went out there and cornered the cat, which ran him over and scratched him up trying to get away. It was called a black panther, but I never saw it. I think that the incident was in the Beaumont paper.

Username: C. Bryant
UserEmail: libertyship20 yahoo.com
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Date: 21 Dec 2009
Time: 12:32:59


To Whom It May Concern,
I am afraid that I have discovered this website too late, as I began research today on a book that I have in my possession. It has been in the family for years. It is an 1847 publication of "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte. While the book is precious because of its age (and because it is a favorite novel), it is even more special because of the inscriptions on the inside cover of the book. In pencil is written the name "Warren G. Hawkins, U.S. Navy". Mr. Hawkins was quite the artist, and had drawn a Navy battleship below his name, two bottles and two drinking glasses with "Regal Pale" written beneath them, the word "sailor" and the titles of two songs popular during the 1940's, "Always" and "Bell Bottom Trousers", along with several musical notes and symbols. I am eager to learn the history behind these lovely inscriptions and, more importantly, to learn more about Warren G. Hawkins and his time spent in the United States Navy, as I have a very fond appreciation for World War II history and 1940's culture. I would greatly appreciate any information anyone can pass along to me. Thank you so very much!
C. Bryant

Username: Charles E. "Butch" Penrod
UserEmail: cpenrod aol.com
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Date: 28 Dec 2009
Time: 22:04:21


RE: Clyde W. Penrod, Master Sgt., 78th Signal Company, WWII; as referenced in Mr. Block's story of "Christmas in Simmerath", Battle of the Bulge, WWII, I am proud to inform you that MSgt. Clyde W. Penrod, 78th Signal Co., is my uncle, my father's younger brother. I am equally happy to report that uncle Clyde is still with us and will celebrate his 90th birthday in February 2010. He is mentally and physically well. He plays golf five days per week, weather permitting, and still enjoys playing cards. He returned home after the war and continues to reside near his hometown in Ohio. All these years later, he still does not regret having refused the battlefield Commission offered to him. Thank you for publishing Mr. Block's writing and please, accept our heartfelt condolences for his loss.

Editor: Thanks for writing Charles and please thank your uncle for his service to our country.

Username: Scott Withrow
UserEmail: swithrow earthlink.net
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Date: 30 Dec 2009
Time: 20:59:41


I enjoyed the site. I would like to get in touch with the administrator or Mr. Block regarding a map of Louisiana-Texas showing route of the Opelousas Trail. Could you direct me to on online or otherwise?

Thank you, Scott Withrow in South Carolina


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