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Username: Gary Mann
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Date: 08 Jan 2011
Time: 11:49:08


Dear Mr. Block I live at crystal beach Texas I have points pottery bones and shell. I have found out one thing about the Indians that is on every thing from stones to wood to shell that they did shake worship I have a lot of things with the snake images on them just thought you mighty wont to no.

Username: Bruce James
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Date: 19 May 2011
Time: 09:13:33


I would like permission to reprint the article on Dr. John Henry Haizlip on my ancestry.com family tree (his wife is a Rudd and related to me directly and to my late sister-in-law).

Username: Kary Fontaine
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Date: 28 May 2011
Time: 12:28:18


I am so glad I stumbled on to this site. I used to enjoy his articles in the Beaumont Enterprise. Hopefully it will stay going...there's so much he wrote and this is a treasure. Please keep it going,

Kary Fontaine

Username: Shane P.
UserEmail: xplivestock hughes.net
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Date: 19 Jul 2011
Time: 02:35:18


Interesting site.

In the article titled "Black Panther" there is mention of an newspaper report in the Vicksgurg paper at the time about a man being attacked by a panther in "Delta" (Louisiana). In the article written recounting the report, mentioned that the place "Delta" was not found on the map and that there was a place in Mississippi called Delta.

Although it is not found on a road map there is a place in north Louisiana named "Delta". It is located just north of I-20 just outside of Waverley, Louisiana.

Forest, LA.

Username: Regina Staiger
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Date: 19 Jul 2011
Time: 15:17:21


I am so happy I happened upon this site. I have been searching for a long time for any information on the Beaumont Day Nursery. My mother was born in Beaumont in 1926 and was raised in the Nursery for almost 16 years of her life. Is there anyone who can send me photos or additional info regarding the Nursery. From what I can see from Google satilite, the building no longer stands. Please send whatever you have to the email below. And thank you so very much.

Username: Patsy Hand
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Date: 28 Aug 2011
Time: 13:28:48


The History of the 1886 storm that destroyed Indianola 125 years ago is being commemorated this year. The Victoria County Texas Genealogical Society is in the 33rd printing of their publication, Crossroads of South Texas. Our society is planning our Fall publication to feature the entire issue on various aspects of the history of the port. I have read Mr. W.T. Block's story entitled, "The Story of Our Texas'Pilgrims: Or Death March to Comal County. Is it possible that we could receive permission to print this article? Of course, giving full credit to Mr. Block and this web site. Thank you very much for your consideration to my request. Patsy Hand, Victoria, TX


Username: Caylee Kiesling
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Date: 07 Sep 2011
Time: 10:01:17


Hi My name is Caylee Kiesling and I am doing research on my family ( Kiesling side). I have found out that my 3rd Great Grandparents came over from Prussia/Germany around 1854 on the Ben Nevis. Their names on the records show Johann (77) and Hanna (67) Kiesling Along With Johann Kiesling (22), Magdalena Weser (19), and Ernst Kiesling (15). It says that Johann (77) and Hanna (67) died in route to America from Cholera, but I am having trouble finding out who the second Johann (22) was and who Magdalena and Ernst were as well (I am thinking that Ernst and Magdalena are my 2nd Great Grandparents). Also Mr. Block talks about a family Kieschnick, which I think has a tie to the Kiesling name. I dont know if anyone would have this infomation, but if there is info out there I would truly apperciate it to help piece my family together.

Thanks Caylee

Username: Louis Valbert
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Date: 07 Sep 2011
Time: 15:51:37


I am looking for information about the pirates who served with Jean Lafitte. There are stories handed down in our family that one of his ship captains was named Jewels Valbert and I am trying to confirm his existence as a follower of Lafitte.

Thank You--Louis Valbert

Username: Louis Valbert
UserEmail: louisvalbert yahoo.com
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Date: 28 Sep 2011
Time: 14:22:33


I am searching for information on the ships, captains and seamen who served in Jean Lafittes' pirate band in the early 1800. One of the ships captains was Jewel Valbert (according to our family tradition) and I am trying to verify that. Thank you

Username: Phillip Burnett
UserEmail: phillipburnett directv.net
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Date: 28 Nov 2011
Time: 19:20:48


I am sorry that I did not find this website sooner! As Mr. Block must have been quite a man!

And I found your website when a friend and I were discussing Louisiana Panthers and I decided to look them up myself! And I noted that that you had requested any sightings, etc. be e-mailed to you. And while this one is rather old, however this cat lived in an old slave quarters behind the house I grew up in. As I grew up in Torbert, LA at the end of Patterson Road where we owned a soybean farm with a little over a 1,000 acres of land, the name of the farm was the Bayou Tommy Plantation. I am 45 years old now and this was when I was 18 at the time.

The cat in question was most definitely a “Black Panther” (we know from the hair he left behind when we discovered one of his hiding places) which was the old slave quarters that I mentioned earlier. And while the house had been abandoned for years however we used as an overflow hay barn. And this cat was most definitely a Leopard as that is the only cat that I know of that sounds just like a woman screaming (trust me the very thought still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up even now just thinking about it)!! Anyways, we had only seen very vague glimpses of the animal as the sightings would only be at night. However, he was a rather large animal and he was thought to be black (which we would later be confirmed as well).

You see, one night (after he had screamed nearly all night the night before). I backed the farm truck up to porch of the old house and left the tail lights on so I could see to get hay. And when I went inside I had a very eerie feeling followed by some rustling near the front window (which had been knocked out years before). And I shrugged it off at first as I set about my chores which was grabbing hey for the horses. However, after loading the first two bales uneventfully I went to grab the third bale (over near the knocked out window) when it just sort of fell apart on me. So I went to the truck and grabbed my flashlight only to discover that something had wallered out a spot in the bale and it had apparently been taking refuge there as well. Because you could see the black hairs and what not laying around in it’s imprint on the bale below. To top all of this off, the spot was still warm (which sort of made my hair rise again)!

So I went and got my Step Dad and he confirmed that this must have been where the cat had been laying up that we had been hearing! Not much else was said about it, as our home place was under contract at the time and we sold it only a few weeks later. So I don’t really know whatever became of that cat? But I do know that whatever it was that it was a pretty good sized black cat that sounded just like a woman screaming!

I do have another encounter that just occurred this past weekend on my Cousin’s Ranch in Uvalde, Texas. And I would love for you to look at the photo of what this animal did to a doe that my oldest daughter just shot too? In that, I want to see if you are like me and believe that only a big cat could have done this? As my daughter was in bow blind only 30 yards away waiting on us to come up when she heard us coming in the buggy. So she got out and saw something near the two does that she had just shot and then she realized that it was eating on one of them! So she took a crack at it and it ran off! But not before it ate the whole ham out of the rear hind quarter (in less than 30 minutes time)? A big cat had been spotted in the area only a few weeks ago too!

I’ll send you some photos of that soon!

Phillip Burnett

Username: max hensley
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Date: 08 Dec 2011
Time: 20:59:54


Great work! Nice to see such meticulous research in an area close to home for me, but to date largely unknown.

I have purchased a small group of Gulf Lumber Co stock certificates, the early ones (ca 1914) signed by Rush and Fullerton. Oddly, despite the closure of the mill in 1927, another group of certificates from the mid-1930s is in the lot, except that Rush is gone and Fullerton's signature was a rubber stamp.

Have you seen any of these certificates before? Can you explain the mystery of the 1930s issue?

Editor:  WT passed away in 2007 and his original research was donated to McNeese University.

Username: Homoiselle Bujosa
UserEmail: hbujosa sbcglobal.net
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Date: 11 Dec 2011
Time: 13:28:39


I just want to say that I am so appreciative that WT Block wrote about my great great great grandfather, Daniel Goos! I am only sorry that I now read that WT has passed away and I can't talk to him. :(. My mother is Katherine Bel Fay, grandfather was Albert Bel Fay, his mother was Marie Bel Fay, and her mother, my great grandmother, was Della Goos Bel, daughter of Capt. Daniel Goos. I am Homoiselle Fay Sadler Bujosa. I wonder if you know what prompted WT to research Daniel Goos?

Editor: WT wrote three book regarding the history of saw mill towns and Capt. Goos was a pioneer in that regard.  Thanks for writing.

Username: Marcus McElroy
UserEmail: Marcus.mcelroy85 gmail.com
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Date: 14 Dec 2011
Time: 22:47:04


I hunt in Terrebonne Parish. My buddy caught a picture of a huge cat on his deer camera. It looked to be the same size as a deer he captured on the same camera. It looked like a Leopard to me so I started researching it and found this site. It has to be a Spotted Jaguar. I've seen bobcats around here but never this. This blows my mind since I'm 26 years old and have been hunting all my life and have never even heard of such a thing near here. I have a copy of the picture and would love to share it. I'd like for the picture to be verified as to what it is for sure.

Username: Carlton C. Colmenares
UserEmail: carltoncc msn.com
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Date: 18 Dec 2011
Time: 18:30:29


Dear Sir:

I managed a ~280-acre private research farm in central Waller County. I resided at the farm with my wife from January 2000 until June 2007.

I was awakened by the baying and snarls of the farm’s dogs, two mature neutered male Pyrenees and our two black labs, at about 4:30 one morning in March (I will have to try and find my notes as to the year, but I believe it was either 2001 or 2002. ) The sound was not very distant. As it was still dark, I tried to sleep until daybreak.

At first light I went out to see what the commotion was about and I saw the four dogs had corned a large animal against the side of a pond behind the main house. This was early, and the sun was not yet up. The creature I saw had a rounded head with short, pointed ears. Its behavior was that is swayed its head back and forth as it was on its haunches back up against the pond, with the dogs continually moving about it. I was to the west of the scene, and the backlighting was making it difficult to distinguish features. However, the animal was large—in references to the dogs, it was between the size of the Pyrenees and the large male lab.

I stopped in my tracks, some 150 yards distant, thinking it must be a black bear, but I realized it did not have a snout as does a bear. I immediately ran back to the house to get a camera, but no film was loaded. When I did get back outside, it was already daylight and the dogs and the black creature were gone: they ran over a pasture to the SE of some Ľ mile before exiting the property. I drove out there to inspect what I could see. The dogs were gone and the animal, too. No fur of any kind was found, and in the hard dirt no tracks either, except what were muddled by the dogs.

It is my belief that I certainly saw a black feline of some large size—maybe 24-28” at the shoulders. It was not gray but black; it was not making any sounds that I heard over the din of the dogs, and it cleared the fence without any disturbance to the 5-strand barbed wire.

The site is pasture and farm land that has communication to the Brazos River bottom via several creeks, as well as Cypress Creek to the east. This particular area is sparsely populated. I have mentioned this to several other long-time, sober minded residents who tell me I did in fact see the “black panther” that is reputed to be in our midst.

Though I am no longer at the farm, I still reside in Waller County and now teach aquatic science at a high school in the Katy ISD. This is a true and complete account of this encounter, and I would have never believed it had I myself not experienced it.

Carlton C. Colmenares; General Manager, NovAgro, LLC; 802 Peebles Street, Hempstead, TX 77445; Phone: 713-254-1671; Fax: 979-826-2930
carlton novagro.net; www.novagro.net "A New Day in Agriculture"

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