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Letter received from Gerald W. Block

As you may now know, George Frederick Block and family immigrated to the U.S. aboard the Bremen Bark Constitution, arriving in New Orleans May 31, 1846. I obtained the Captain’s passenger list and the port’s Quarterly Abstract from the National Archives and have now completed transcribing and posting this information on the ISTG (Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild) website at: (obsolete)

You might want to review the site to see the family and their friends from the village of Lassan, Germany who traveled with them: the Witt family and two young men, August Knuppel and August Schunemann. (I located August Knuppel farming in Tyler County in 1850, but haven’t been able yet to trace the others.) You can also find out how many guns the Blocks brought to Texas and other interesting things.

Additional information about the sailing vessel Constitution can be found at "Immigrant Ships" at: (obsolete)

On the Lassan Page there is a nice little photo of the village and a map. No hotels, but there are bed-and-breakfast type rooms in Lassan.

If you’d like to see the microfilm of Captain Rothfos’ original handwritten list and the Quarterly Abstract, I have arranged to have these permanently available at the LDS Family History Center in Orange for us and other Block family researchers. The Center is located at the LDS church off highway 87 a few miles north of Orange. They’re open Tue-Thur. Ask for microfilm rolls LDS# 200155 and 200237. You can make printed copies.

By strange coincidence, the ISTG dated my transcription posting as March 18, 1999, the day daddy[1] died. I thought that was fitting, since daddy enjoyed and helped me so much with Block genealogy. Daddy remembered his own Grandpa Charles Block well. Charles, or "Carl", is on the passenger list. He was 9 years old.

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Notes from the Web Master

NOTE: many of the original links on this page are no longer valid and I have removed the hyperlinks.

The following link is to the original ship manifest the Block family came to the United States on. See passengers 75 through 83:

Bremen Barque Constitution

This is the full link to Gerald's transcription.

Gerald emailed me an historical image of a map of Lassan, Pomrania dated 1882.

My rough attempt at translating the German Lassan Page.

For convenience the information on the CONSTITUTION from "Immigrant Ships" follows:

The bark CONSTITUTION was built by Johann Lange, of Vegesack/Grohn, for the Bremen firm of H. H. Meier & Co--whose owner, Hermann Heinrich Meier 1808-1898), later founded Norddeutscher Lloyd--and was launched on 7 November 1833, as the successor to a bark of the same name, built in 1820, that had been lost earlier in the year. 127 Commerzlasten; 27,6 x 7,7 x 4,7 meters (length x beam x depth of hold). She sailed for almost 25 years in the packet service between Bremerhaven and New York. Captains (in turn): J. F. Volckmann, G. C. Ahlhorn, J. F. G. E. G. Thormann, Hermann Rothfos, F. G. Schelling, J. D. Luth, W. Lauer, and Jurgen Hake. She was sold in Bangkok in 1859; her later history and ultimate fate are not known. Source: Peter-Michael Pawlik, Von der Weser in die Welt; Die Geschichte der Segelschiffe von Weser und Lesum und ihrer Bauwerften 1770 bis 1893, Schriften des Deutschen Schiffahrtsmuseums, Bd. 33 (Hamburg: Kabel, c1993), p. 181, no. 121. - [Posted to the Enigration-Ships Mailing List by Michael Palmer - 28 February 1998]

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[1]  Gerald's dad was Claude Block of Vidor, Texas.

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