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Marriage of George Frederick Block and Augusta Wippernitz


Gerald W. Block
9 Sep 1999
Vidor, Texas

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Text of Gerald's Email

I have located the marriage record of George Frederick Block and Augusta Wippernitz and have had the entry translated by a consultant in Germany. Here is the relevant genealogical information:

bulletPlace of Marriage: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Lassan, Germany
bulletDate of Marriage: 27 October 1833
bulletName of Groom: Georg Carl Friedrich Block, painter, Lassan, 3rd son, 30 years old
bulletName of Bride: Auguste Charlotte Wippernitz, only daughter, 17 years old
bulletFather of Groom: Georg Block, police officer1 retired, Pasewalk2, deceased.
bulletMother of Groom: Christina née Bagaer3
bulletFather of Bride: Adolph Wippernitz, burgher and painter, Lassan
bulletMother of Bride: Friederica née Keil
bulletOfficiating Minister: Rev. H. P . George


  1. "Wachmeister" – could be translated as police officer, policeman, constable.
  2. Pasewalk is located between Lassan and Berlin.
  3. Maiden name is difficult to read – could be Bagaer, Bagner, Bagans.

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