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By W. T.Block

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The family of Arnold and Louisiana Pelloat came to Nederland from Louisiana in 1927 and settled at 651 Dequeen Street, now 1024 Chicago, where the former Pelloat home still stands. The five Pelloat children were already at or near adulthood. Arnold Pelloat was from Delcambre, Louisiana, and his wife, Louisiana, was from Chenier Aur Tigue, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. She was the daughter of Hypolete Broussard (b. 1828-d. 1910) and Louisiana Vaughn (b. Pecan Island, Vermilion (now Cameron) Parish, July 4, 1850-d. 1913). The father of Hypolete Broussard was Joachsin Broussard.

Arnold Pelloat worked at Sun Oil Company and was an avid and extensive gardner during the nine years he lived in Nederland. He died in Nederland in 1936. The children of that family were Delphine (b. 1906), Josephine (b. 1908), Irena (b. 1910), Hypolete (b. 1912), and Eula (b. 1914).

Delphine Pelloat married Russell A. Merrell, Sr., about 1930, and as of 1938, they were still living at 651 Dequeen (now 1024 Chicago). Later they bought a home at 135 Hilldale in Nederland, where Mrs. Merrell still resides as of 1991, and where her husband died in 1972. They were the parents of five children, namely, Russell, Jr.; Harvey, Jethie Louise, Shirley, and Sandra; as well as fifteen grandchildren, and 22 great grandchildren.

Josephine Pelloat married Adam Robin in 1929. They were the parents of three children, Jo Ann, Richard Arnold, and Robert Robin, and they had five grandchildren. Josephine Robin died in 1985, and her husband Adam died about the same time.

Hypolete Paul Pelloat was born in Delcambre, Louisiana, in 1912, and about 1935, he married Lizie Bell Lee, who was born in Iowa, Louisiana, in 1915. At that time, both of them worked for the old Gardner's Grocery, which at that time was located in the two-story wooden building at 1155 Boston, which Mattie Gardner tore down in 1940. They built their home at 212 South Fifteenth Street soon after their marriage. When World War II started, he began work for Pure Oil Company (now Unocal) as an operator in the Dewaxing Unit.

About 1940, Mrs. Louisiana Pelloat and her two unmarried children, Irena (Rene) Pelloat and Eula Pelloat, bought a house at 203 South Seventeenth. That home, where Eula still resides (1991), was the scene of many family "get togethers" and reunions, where the family members played volleyball and made ice cream. Rene Pelloat was a Mason and automobile mechanic, and he ran his own shop on South Seventeenth Street for thirty years. He died in 1979, and his mother died a few years earlier.

Hypolete and Lizzie Belle Pelloat are parents of two sons, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Son Jack E. Pelloat worked at first for the Nederland post office, before moving to the Union Oil of California refinery until the refinery closed in 1990. He then transferred to Unocal offshore operations, where he plans to remain. Jack Pelloat married the former Barbara Carroll, a Nederland school teacher, and they are parents of two daughters, Sheila Kay and Vicki Danielle. Sheila Pelloat married Rudy Garcia, and they live in Round Rock, Texas, where she is a school teacher and he is an engineer. Vicki Pelloat married George Brock, and they are parents of two children, Deacon and Donovan.

James A. and Cathy Pelloat live in Orange County, Texas, where he is band director at West Orange High School, and she is a respiratory therapist. They have two daughters, Renee, a student at Stephen F. Austin University, and Christie Pelloat, a high school student.

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