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By Ron Sticker

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Archie O'Neal Sticker was born in St. Tammany, Louisiana, on January 13, 1896, one of nine children born to John Martin Sticker and Mary Elizabeth Lloyd. Mr. Sticker served in the United States Navy during World War I, as a boiler fireman aboard the U. S. S. Newburg . His active duty service included seven trans-Atlantic crossings, five of them during the war and two more after the Armistice was signed. After his discharge in June, 1919, he migrated to Southeast Texas in search of employment. While living in Beaumont, he responded to an advertisement of The Texas Company (Texaco), and he was hired on July 5, 1919, as a laborer in the company's asphalt plant in Port Neches.

In May, 1920, he met the daughter of one of his co-workers. Her name was Abi Amanda Arnold, one of six children of Cyrus Ausley Arnold and Arrie Elizabeth Barnett. Abi was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on November 24, 1903, at the intersection of Louisiana and Maximillian Streets. When her father came to Texas in search of work in 1920, she came with him, thus bringing about the occasion of meeting her husband-to-be, A. O. Sticker.

Abi Amanda Arnold and Archie O'Neal Sticker were married on August 21, 1920, and they soon bought a house and lot on Llano Street in Port Neches for $2,000. In time, they became the parents of three sons, Milton Dalton Sticker, born in Port Neches on October 16, 1923; Maurice Malcolm Sticker, born in Nederland on February 14, 1926; and Ronald Lee Stickr, born in Nederland on May 2, 1932.

Archie and Abi moved to Nederland in May, 1925, after they purchased five acres of land on what was then Peek Road. In those days, neighbors were very, very sparse in that area of Nederland. Their property was located between South 27th and South 29th Streets, and they built their home, where they spent most of their married years together, at the corner of Highway 365 and South 29th Street. The purchase price of the five acres is believed to have been $400.

Archie O. Sticker remained at Texaco in Port Neches until his retirement in January, 1961. His job classification at the time of his retirement was boiler house operator. He served as a board member and trustee of the Nederland Independent School District during the late 1930's, exact years not recalled.

Both Archie and Abi Sticker were very active and loyal to their Baptist faith and were charter members of Hillcrest Baptist Church. The Christian Growth Center at Hillcrest Baptist Church is named in his honor. Archie Sticker died on March 13, 1975, and is buried in Oak Bluff Cemetery in Port Neches. At this writing, Abi Sticker still resides at 919 South 29th Street in Nederland.

Milton Dalton Sticker, the oldest of the three sons, graduated from Nederland High School in 1941. After serving in the United States Navy during World War II, he worked for Jefferson Chemical Company (now Texaco Chemical, East) until his retirement in 1986.

Maurice Malcom Sticker graduated from Nederland High School in 1943 and also served in the United States Navy during World War II. Two or three years after his discharge, he reenlisted in the Navy and made it his life's career. After his retirement as a navy electrician, he returned to Texas and continues to follow the electrical trade.

Ronald Lee Sticker graduated from Nederland High School in 1949. He began working at Pure Oil Company in 1949, and continued there after that company merged with Union Oil of California in 1965. Ronald retired from Unocal in September, 1988. As of this writing (1991), all three of the Sticker sons still reside in the Southeast Texas area.

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