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By Luetta W. Powell and Louise Weber

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Alexander Weber was born on March 23, 1884, in New Orleans, Louisiana, the son of Franz Weber, born April 4, 1831, in the Province of Bavaria, Germany, and Orena Klein, born July 28, 1849, in the Province of Hesse, Germany. On February 14, 1913, Maude Hall was married to Alexander Weber in Port Arthur, Texas. Maude Hall Weber was born on November 29, 1891, in Melder, Louisiana, the daughter of Henry Hall, born September 8, 1846, in Nobleboro, Maine, and Henrietta Whittington, born August 24, 1855, in Pass Christian, Mississippi.

Alexander and Maude Weber moved to Nederland, Texas, from Port Arthur in February, 1919. Their first home was located at 1022 Nederland Avenue, where Savings of America is now located, across the street from the Weingarten Shopping Center. Alex Weber worked as an electrician for Gulf Oil Corporation (now Chevron). Maude Weber was a mother and home maker who, in addition to the affection and tender care lavished upon her family, was very active in the First Baptist Church of Nederland. Maude Weber died on January 11, 1989, at the advanced age of 97. Alex Weber died on January 1, 1939.

The children of Alexander and Maude Weber are as follows: (1), Louise Weber, who was born in Port Arthur and came with her parents to Nederland as a child. She graduated from Nederland High School, worked 34 years as a government employee, and has continued to reside in Nederland throughout her adult life.

(2) Daughter Luetta O. Weber was also born in Port Arthur and graduated from Nederland High School. She married Carroll Powell of Newton County, and they became the parents of two children, as follows: (a). Daughter Carolyn Powell married (1) Leon Alexander, and (2) Carroll Lockhart. The children of Carolyn and Leon Alexander are as follows: (a) David C. Alexander, born in 1959, is married to Julieanne Thibodeaux, and they are the parents of three children, Amanda Ann, David Allen, and Christina Lynn Alexander. (b) Trudie Donnell Alexander, born in 1965, who married Steve Crutchfield, and they are the parents of four sons, Brandon, Justin, Chadd, and Dakota Crutchfield; and (c) Eric Leon Alexander, who is single.

The second child of Luetta and Carroll Powell is Alex Windham Powell, who married Janice Cherry. They are the parents of four children, as follows: (a) Valerie Lynn, who married B. R. Jerry. They are the parents of an infant daughter, Ashley, who died in infancy, and a son, Josh; and (b) Leanne B., who married Steve Nelson. They have one daughter, Tiffany Nicole, born in 1987. Leanne Nelson, a lieutenant in the Naval Reserve, served aboard the hospital ship "Mercy" during the Desert Storm War of 1991 in the Persian Gulf. The third child, Alex Powell II, works for Exxon in Baytown, Texas, and the fourth child, Bryan Kent, is studying criminal justice in college.

The third child and only son of Alex and Maude Weber was (3) Jack Alex Weber, who was also born in Port Arthur on August 25, 1919. He graduated from Nederland High School and married Laverne Sampson from Wisconsin. He died without issue in an automobile accident on April 30, 1955. He was a government electrical inspector.

The youngest child and third daughter of Maude and Alex Weber was Jewel Ellen Weber, known as "Judy" Weber. She was born in Port Arthur on July 4, 1921, and passed away on July 10, 1986. Judy Weber married (1) John Wilson Hossley, and (2) Charles Edward Taylor. Judy was employed in the emergency room of Mid-Jefferson Hospital at Nederland for many years. Judy was the mother of three children, all by her first marriage, as follows: (1) Sharon Ellen Hossley, who married Donald Ralph Bennett. She and her husband are the parents of one daughter, Donna Jacqueline Ellen Bennett, who is married to Darwin James. They are the parents of a son named Dylan; and (2) Shirley Louise Hossley, who married Reuben Lane Spittler. They are the parents of two sons, Troy and Scott. Troy Spittler married (a) Toni Thibodeaux, by whom he had one daughter, Alisa, and (b) Nicole Minter, by whom he has two children, Summer Nicole and T. J. Scott Lee Spittler married Janet Edelman, and they are the parents of one son, Jacob Lee Spittler.

Judy Weber Hossley's third child was John Wilson Hossley, Jr., who married Suzanne Christian. They are the parents of two children, Rachael Dianne Hossley and John Wilson Hossley III.

Maude and Alex Weber lived out their lives in Nederland, and were loved and respected by many. A great factor in their daily living was the welfare of their church, the First Baptist Church of Nederland, to which at one time five generations of their family belonged. In fact, their grand daughter, Mrs. Carolyn P. Lockhart, wrote the church's history on its seventy-fifth anniversary, which appears as the prologue of this volume (Vol. IV). Maude and Alex Weber are still so fondly recalled and are sorely missed by their surviving children, grand children, great grand children, great great grandchildren and an entire host of friends whose lives they touched.

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