Lands Leased
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Oil Lands Leased

(Galveston Daily News, January 31, 1901)

Galveston, Tex., Jan. 30--A. F.Lucas Secures Property in The Viciinity of High Island--The Terms of Lease--Owners Are to Receive Ten Percent of Any Yield--Prospecting inAdjoining Counties.

Prospecting for oil, natural gas, and mineral water is soon to be commenced in Galveston County on an extensive scale. yesterday there were filed for record in the County Clerk'sofice several leasels for property located in Galveston County near High Island and immediate vicinity. The leases are for tracts of from fifteen to thirty-five acres, and are made to A. F. Lucas of Beaumont by R. R. Barr and wife, A.Guidry and wife,T. V. Van Ostrand. Mrs. E. Vanderlind, George E. Smith and wife, Frank Harrington and wife, F. E. Mundine,W. B. Lockhard, and Alex Easton. Uncer the terms of the lease, the owners of the property are to receive 10 percent of the amount of the yield.

Mr.Lucas, who made the oil strike at Beaumont, believes ther is oil and natural gas in abundance at the points covered by his leases. So confident is he of this that he intends to expend considerable money in prospecting, and just as soon as he can secure the material necessary, he will commence work. To friends inGalveston, he isquoted as saying that he had no doubt the he would reap a rich harvest in the high Island vicinity. Tuesday evening he reached Galveston from Beaumont,perfectdd his leases, and returned to his home yesterday morning.

People who are fmiliar with the country around High Island say there is every reson to hope for success there in the prospecting for oil. Then, too, they say there is natural gas in abundance in this neighborhood, and there is now a well at that yielding a fairly good supply. People who are interested in the oil and gas development there believe they will sltrike it rich and it is reported to be a difficult matter to secure options on roperty or make an outright purchase. As a result of the prospecting preparations, property has materially advanced in some instances, valuations have doubled with the past two months, and even with this increase, owners are ot anxious to sell. Manhy prefer to lealsle on percentage.

There are others interested in the development of the High Island and surrounding territory besides Mr. Lucs. With the County Clerk Tuesday, there were filed for record leasels of property leased by Mr. C. T. Cade to L. L. Emory, E. E. Stone survey, 1,476 acrses; J. Danam survey, 615 acres; R. Barrow, 886 acres; A. Dickson, 2,330 acres; E.Passano, 319 acres; F. Passano, 1,111 acres; German Emigration Company, 640 acres; N. Fitzsimmons, 320 acres; William Hudson, 640 acres; John Andrews, 640 acres; E. T.Branch, 640 acres; Joseph Earl, 160 acres; and land in Chambers and Jefferson counties.

The land in Galveston County is located near High Island and Bolivar Point and the land leased in Chambers and Jefferson Counties follows the coast line. Mr. Emery, who leased the property, offered the same terms as Mr. Lucvas, 10 per cent of the yield, which stipulation is contained in the lease. This lease setsforth that the property is leased with a view to prospecting for lubricating oil, mineral water, natural gas, and petroleum.

Major Cade,lwho leased theproperty,owns considerable land in the vicinity of High Island and adjoing counties, and Mr. Emery is interested in oil development in the vicinity of Beaumont. Prospecting on this land will begin in the near future.

The filing of leases for record was the cause of considerable excitement amongthose who have watched the oil situation in this section since the Beaumont strike. There are those who believe there is just asmuch oil underlying the territory covered by the leases filed with th past two days as there is in the Beaumont section. People who have given considerable thought to the subjet and who have consulted experts on thesubject say they believe that as soon as the prospecting onthis land is commenced, their predictions will be verified.

While people are to prospect in the High island vicinity and adjoining territory, there are those who believe that oil in abundance exists onGalveston Island, and within the next few days it is possible that several leases of property located afew miles beyond the city limits will be filed for record. When this is done, prospecting will follow.

In the meantime, speculators and others interested are watching every development, and just at present the oil country of coast Texas is the subject of much favorable comment inthe big oil centers of these United States.

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