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A Pipeline

(Galveston Daily News, January 20, 1901)

Austin, Texas, Jan. 19---One Is To Be Rushed Through From Beaumont To Tidewater. Parties returning from Beaumont this morning have entertained the legislators and Austinites with great stories concerning the oil geyser at Beaumont.

Twenty-five miles of pipe have been ordered, and the Kansas City Southern Railroad officials have given orders for this immense shipment to be rushed through on passenger train time, with right of track over everything. The pipe line is to be laid on right of way of the Kansas City Southern from Beaumont to Port Arthur, a distance of about twenty-five miles. It will be laid on the top of the ground, as the equability of temperature in this climate does not render a covering necessary. A large force of men will be employed to lay the pipe, so as to get the line completed within a few days. This line is to be constructed by the Tidewater Pipe Line Company of Titusville, Pennsylvania, a rival of the Standard Oil Company.

A good many of the legislators have gone to Beaumont to stay over Sunday, look at the oil well, and inquire into the prospects of picking up property in that region. There is a probability that the legislators will be called upon to pass several laws tending to facilitate the development of oil property, and the visit of the law makers to Beaumont will therefore be useful from the standpoint of public interest.

Governor Sayers has been reading the reports from Beaumont with much interest. "We have not appreciated the richness of Texas resources," said he. "and we do not yet know what they are. I am glad the legislators and I are going to Beaumont. It will do them good." (compiled by W. T. Block)

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