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Storage and Tanks

(Galveston Daily News, February 1, 1901)

Beaumont, Tex., Jan. 31--Large Percent of The Lucas Oil Well Will Go to El Vista for Outlet--Another Big Strike--Residents of New Orleans and Other Cities Interested in Beaumont Lands--A Big Cut at Corsicana--The Price of heavy Crude and Ligh Petroleum Takes a Big Tub\mble.

Though the owners of theLucas well have not so announced, it has been learnd that they have decided to establish a large storage and tank station at El Vista, a point on the Sabine Branch of the Sabine and East Texas Railroad, 15 miles south of this city. The place is a siding now, but is located on the route to the Port Arthur pip line, and it is calculated that by making a large stoage station there, the oil can at pleasure be turned from the Port Arthur pipe line into the El Vista tank and shipment over theSouthern Pacific, either inland or to the shipside at Sabine.

It was the natual conclusion here that storage tanks would be built on the Sabine and East Texas at Gladys City, a distance only of a few hundred yards from the (Lucas) well., but it is not probable that any extensive tankage will be built there, though some small tanks will be uilt at Gladys City at once. iron for some of these tanks was placed on theground today.

Work on the construction of the pipe line isprogressing rapidly, the weather facilitating the work greatly just now. Thirty-seven cars of six-inch pipe was distributed yesterday and shipments are being rushed as fast as possible. Arrangements for making a lively little village at El Vista are being planned.

A contract will be made with the Southwestern Telephone Company for a wire there and houses for residences for workers will be built. Hamill Brothers, contractors for Captain Lucas, have completed arrangements for sinking the new well and are now waiting on ipipe, and as soon as it arrives, ground will be broken. A number of leases on small tracts of land were filed for record today, bvut none of any consequence have been heard of. Captain Lucas has been absent from the city for several days, and hisassociates decline to say where he is. J. E. Cullinan left tonight for the West, presumably for Corsicana. (compiled by W.T. Block)

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