Oil Men
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Oil Men at Beaumont

(Galveston Daily News, January 25, 1901)

Beaumont, Tex.,Jan. 24--The Secretary of The Chamber of Commerce Is Kept Busy.

The situation here, so far as oil is concerned, was relieved today by the arrival of a number of oil men from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. These men are here to look into the oil field development from a business standpoint and will probably become identified with the development.

Secretary Shepherd of the Chamber of Commerce is making a strong pull for industrial development and is endeavoring to direct the attention of outside capital to the advantages of Beaumont as a manmufacturing center.

"With an abundance of fuel which can be had almost costless," said Mr. Shepherd, "we ought to push our other advantages. It is necessary that the property owners realize the conditions of putting manufacturing sites on the market at prices which will induce investment."

Mr. Shepherd is receiving a vast number of inquiries as a result of the oil flurry and he is doing everything possible to answer hem all. Real estate transfers were heavier today than for some time, and among the records were a large number of oil leases in different parts of the county. City property is also sharing in the stirring-up, and considerable activity in this direction is noticeable.

Strong influencies are being brought to bear upon Senators Chilton, Culberson,and other representatives to urge every possible means to pass the Culberson amendment to the river and harbor bill relative to the Sabine Lake channel. Prominent men in the city are wiring and writing their own senators and setting influences to work in the different states.

Nearly all of the northwestern states have citizens here, and these men are wiring Speaker Henderson and others in Washington to do what they can toward securing the appropriation.

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