Another Well
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Another Oil Well

(Galveston Daily News, February 3, 1901)

Austin, Texas., Feb. 2--Authorship of Austin Report of Another Strike Made in The Beaumont District--Of A Better Quality--Than The Product of The Great Lucas Gusher, According to Reliable Information--Object in Keeping It Quiet--It is Said That The Standard Company is Making All The Leases It Can on The Quiet.

In reference to the reported discovery by Mr. J. A. Paulhamas, it is a well which he is drilling about eighteen miles distant from the Lucas gusher in the Beaumont district. The information of the strike comes here in a private telegram to Hon. R.A. Greer, member of the legislature from Beaumont. Mr. Greer received the telegram several days ago, but the information was not sent out in the press dispatches from here at the time for the reason that it was supposed that the item would come to the newspapers from the Beaumont correspondents. The authenticity of the telegram stating that Mr. Paulhamas had struck oil in one of his wells can not be questioned.

Mr. Greer also said at the time that the oil was of a better quality than that of the Beaumont well, but that he did not know how great the flow was.

It is further stated here by oil men who are interested in the Beaumont district, that Mr. Paulhamas is the representative of the Standard Oil Company, and that he is keeping the news of his late oil discovery a secret in order that other leases of land in the locality of the well may be secured by him for the Standard Oil Company. The latter assertion is given for what it is worth, but it comes from a source that is considered in every way reliable.

So far as known here, the news sent to the press from Austin concerning the oil discovery and matters in the Beaumont district have been founded on statements made to correspondents by persons who should be considered authority on the subject. (comp. by W. T. Block)

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