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A California Company

(Galveston Daily News, February 12, 1901)

Los Angeles Herald--The new Texas field is attracting th attention of local oil men, and this state will be represented among the operators there.

The Beaumont Oil Refining Company has just been organized in this city, and will begin to develop its proposition as soon as arrangements can be made. At the first reports of the strike, George E. Hart formed the company named in connection with Judge Walter S. Brush and J. L. Brady. Mr. Brush has a sample of the oil from the big well, and notwithstanding the reports that the oil is of an inferior quality, it is good enough for men to invest in, and in fact, is superior to much of the oil found in the local fields.

San Diego is also to be represented at Beaumont, The Union says:

"The incorporation of the Beaumont Oil Company was so far advanced yesterday that the articles were ready for filing with the County Clerk last evening. E. W. Hayward is representing the company in the new field of Texas, and it is on his very favorable reports that the company is acting.

The capital stock is placed at $300,000, shares being $1 each. Only a nominal sum is stated as subscribed. The directors are E. W. Hayward, W. D. Robinson, F. E. Kellogg, C. S. Bond, J. A. Guttery, H. A. C. McPhail, and J. W. Taggart. (comp. by W. T. Block)

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