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Latest Oil News

(Galveston Daily News, February 4, 1901)

Beaumont, Tex., Feb. 3--Mr. Paulhamas Says He Has Not Found Oil Yet In Another Beaumont Well--Not With Standard--It Is Said That He Is In Opposition To The Great Oil Combination Of The East--He Has Attractive Leases--And Promises To Become One of The Strongest Independent Operators In The Field.

Whether or not J. A. Paulhamas has struck an oil well in the southern part of the county is of very little importance. Representative R. A. Greer of this city, who it was claimed, had received a telegram from Beaumont while he was in Austin to the effect that a well had been struck by Mr. Paulhamas, is in the city and was asked about the telegram this morning. He said: "I have never received a telegram saying oil had been found in Beaumont and never told anyone I had received such a message. The only thing on this matter I have talked about was to a representative of a San Antonio paper. I told him I believed Paulhamas had struck oil, but I have never had any direct information along this line. It was and is merely my opinion. You can say so for me in the News, and I very much desire that you will state that I have never received a telegram of any such nature."

Mr. Paulhamas says that he has not struck oil. No one is allowed to go near his wells. If he has oil, he has capped the well and the secret is his own, unless the well spouts as did the Lucas well.

As to whether Pauhamas is representing the Standard Oil Company or not is no longer an argument. He represents the Forward Reduction Company of Cleveland, Ohio. C. B. Howard, secretary and manager of the company, and Mr. Edward Buchwalter, vice president of the company, have both been here since the Lucas strike. They claim and recognize Mr. Paulhamas as their representative. It may be said that the Forward Reduction Company is a part of the Standard, but everyone connected with it denies it. In truth, Mr. Paulhamas is an independent operator in this field, and is really fighting the Standard Oil Company. He has the most attractive lot of leases of any operator here and is and will become one of the strongest opponents of the Standard Oil Company.

Passengers coming up on the train from Port Arthur this afternoon report seeing a large cloud of smoke near the Taylor's Bayou country. Some say it is an oil fire, but Mr. A. W. Hamill, an experienced oil man who was on the train, said he doubted it was an oil fire, because of the short duration. He thinks it was a house burning. (comp. by W. T. Block)

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