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The New Oil Field

(Galveston Daily News, February 12, 1901)

Beaumont, Tex., Feb. 11--Disgreeable Rainy Weather Impedes The Work of Getting Out Machinery--Pipe For More Wells--It Is Arriving Daily and Guffey and Galey Have Four Holes Under Drill--Storage Tank Material-- A Speedy Completion of The Iron Tanks Is The Most Important Proposition.

The most disagreeable weather imaginable has prevailed here for several days past and has seriously impeded the work in the oil fields. The roads have been so softened with the rains it is now well nigh impossible to haul the heavy machinery from the cars to the oil field. However, the men are doing all they can and the development proceeds more or less slowly. A quantity of pipe arrived Saturday and the four wells of Guffey and Galey which have been waiting for pipe are now working in the ground.

Captain Lucas reports that the quantities of pipe and iron for the pipe line and storage tanks is arriving now every day, and all efforts are turned for a speedy completion of this work. Guffey and Galey have selected a site on the Sabine and East Texas Railroad about one mile south of Gladys City for a pumping station. The station will be known as the Lucas station. Here will be located powerful suction and force pumps which will operate the pipe lines. Capt. Lucas can give no difinite information as to the time the pipes will be completed and the great gusher opened.

L. L. Emory today filed an instrument evidencing that he had sub-leased all his leases in this section to Charles G. Bruce of Alabama. The leases cover 70,000 acres in Jefferson, Chambers, and Galveston counties. The terms of the sub-lease are that Emory is to reeive 20 percent of the net product of the lands. That is, he gets 20 percent after the land owners get one-tenth. Mr. Bruce assumes all of the obligations of Mr. Emory and contracts to begin work within certain time (periods), which vary. This is the biggest deal in leases yet made here. The monetary consideration recited is $10.

W. H. Thaxton of Corsicana filed a goodly number of leases today, while a goodly number of smaller leases were also placed on record. The real estate transactions were much larger than for several days. The International Creosoting Works in this city are preparing their furnaces to burn oil. (comp. by W.T. Block)

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