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Oil News of Texas

(Galveston Daily News, February 15, 1901)

Beaumont, Tex., Feb. 14--There Is Renewed Activity in Land Transactions in The Beaumont Field--New Faces Are Seen--Oil Groups Contain Interesting Parties From Pennsylvania and Other States--The Guffey-Galey Pipe Line--It Has Been Completed to El Vista--Working On Iron Tanks and A Pumping Station.

There was a substantial improvement in the number of real estate transactions and deals filed for record in the office of the County Clerk today. The leases were not very far reaching as to the number of acres covered, but the most of them are evidence of work that is to be done in the near future, while a few of them may not bring about development so soon. The Shawnee Oil Company of Lima, Ohio, filed several good leases with an agreement to begin work in a month.

The revival in realty transactions indicates that the slight falling off in the past few days has been due to the weather, and that activity in this line is by no means slackening off. Several new faces were seen about the oil groups today, and some of them were from Pennsylvania, California, and West Virginia.

The Guffey and Galey pipe line has been completed to El Vista, the storage station on the Sabine and East Texas (railroad), 14 miles south of this city, and about 11 miles from the big (Lucas) well. The line is an eight-inch pipe, and through it will be conveyed the oil from the Lucas geyser to the tanks. A small army of men is at work at El Vista now constructing the big iron tanks there, while another large gang is working on the pumping plant at Lucas Station, about a mile below the well. Here will be constructed the powerful pumps which will be expected to propel the oil from the well to the tanks.

Four large boilers have been placed on the ground and a quantity of the machinery has arrived and more is arriving daily. Two large cypress tanks have been completed at Gladys City, and the construction of the 50,000 barrel capacity iron tank at Gladys is well under way. All this work indicates to some extent the time when the Lucas well will be open and the oil permitted to flow into the tanks. This will be a very interesting event both to oil men and the public. The Lucas geyser has already proven such a monstrosity that every one is naturally curious to see how it will behave when the valves are again loosened, and the terrific energy is given its way.

Of course, the time required will depend largely upon the character of the weather, securing material, and many little incidents, to say nothing of accidents. It is reasonable to expect, however, that the valves will be opened before the first of March. Drilling in this field is progressing rapidly now, and every day the sun shines, the development is advanced. February is generally conceded to be the worst month in the year, and every one expects that drilling will be different for the next two weeks. (comp. by W. T.Block)

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